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Modern Industrial Furniture

Our Story

The concept of building furniture is a recent one, but building and fabricating has always been a passion. From restoring cars, to working on home improvement projects, making something from nothing has always brought a great sense of accomplishment. I like to say, "the creative side of me never sleeps."

A few years ago while shopping for furniture, I spotted some very interesting "Industrial" pieces that looked good but were not very well built. My creative instinct immediately led me to the idea that I could build my own and make it great; and I did. However with a successful sales engineering career I had no real plans for this as a business other than to try it and see where it would lead. Thus Modern Industrial Furniture emerged.


Demand and interest for our furniture has been great, however we are still a small part-time shop working out of my personal garage. We take great pride in our craftsmanship and focus on quality vs quantity.

The Team

From one generation to another, I've learned a great deal from my father. With his 30+ years of metal working experience it only made sense that we should work together as a father and son team.

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