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Gantry Desk

This small desk has all the character to add an industrial feel to your home or study. The solid oak top and steel have been weathered and aged for a vintage look and feel. The frame and legs are made of heavy steel to produce a very solid sturdy desk.


Heavy steel angle iron construction
Solid oak top
Weathered and distressed for vintage look
Dimensions 48" (L) x 24" (D) x 31"(H)


Gantry Sofa Table

Add instant character with this unique steel table. Inspired by vintage bridge designs of the industrial era. Its heavy base and padded rubber feet make it the ideal piece to keep furniture from sliding on tile or hardwood floors. Weighs approximately 80lbs.

All steel angle iron construction
Steel top
Weathered and distressed for vintage look
48"(L) x 17"(D) x 30" (H).
Custom sizes available