The Next Generation

As someone who's learned a great deal from his father it's a great pleasure to present my son's creations. Both of my boys, aged 11 and 13 love building and what better way to introduce them to the world of metalwork, entrepreneurship and photography than by having them build and market their favorite dinosaur fossils built out of steel.

Each of these dinosaur fossils are built by my two boys during weekends and after school.  The 3d models are cnc plasma cut out of 16ga steel, cleaned and deburred before each piece is welded together. The dinosaurs are fully assembled with the exception of the tail on the larger T-rex if its being shipped. (tail is bolt-on)

They look very impressive and great décor for the home or office! 

Proceeds go towards their college fund or as an investment back into their business ideas. They have many!

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