Furniture Care

Each of our artisan-crafted furniture pieces is sealed and finished with a durable satin clearcoat for long-lasting protection. Keeping surfaces in top condition is easy—just use a damp cotton cloth or duster for regular cleaning.

Do not use any harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners.

Finish is intended for indoor use only. Finish is durable and resistant to small amounts of moisture but with extended exposure to rain and sunlight it can rust.

We do have some customers who have our pieces outside under covered patios with the understanding that rust may occur over time however it wouldn't look bad either way. Rust is also a deliberate patina we occasionally incorporate.

In case the finish sustains a scratch, and bare metal is exposed, a light coat of wax such as Johnsons Paste Wax can be used to prevent corrosion, simply wipe and buff. If you require more extensive repairs it may be necessary to use a spray lacquer.