Stainless Darkening - Cooler

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The Anvil Industrial Bar & Beverage Cabinet is designed to fit a beverage and/or wine cooler in the center. These coolers are traditionally stainless steel with a bright stainless finish.

We can take it to the next level for a truly custom look by darkening the bright stainless steel and adding our very own custom Modern Industrial handles.

We've used the following coolers which can be purchased online from various retailers. Most clients buy it and have it shipped to our warehouse for darkening.

We have no preference or experience with the coolers, we just built around what our customers provided and these coolers were able to be darkened and the double doors worked well with custom handles.

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Turnaround Time


This is a made to order item with a turnaround time of 12-14 weeks

A protective clear coat finish highlights the richness and durability of hot rolled steel. Natural mill scale, welds and grinder marks make each one unique in its own way. 

Hot rolled steel has a very characteristic dark blue-grey mill scale oxide finish that is a result of the manufacturing process at the steel mill. The cooling process at the steel mill allows the metal to oxidize, producing a steel sheet that is blue-gray color towards the edges and dark gray towards the center. Similar to wood grain, marble or granite, each steel sheet is different.

Stainless Darkening - Cooler
Stainless Darkening - Cooler
Stainless Darkening - Cooler
Stainless Darkening - Cooler
Stainless Darkening - Cooler

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